Updated on 8/8/16.

GD Soundboards Mediafire Folder: Lots of Grateful Dead SBDS

Grateful Grabber: A Google Chrome app to grab GD soundboards(mp3) from Archive.org.

Archive.org mp3 area:  Lots and lots of bands! Can keep you busy for years to come!

Downloadable Green Text Spreadsheet: Many Bands, eclectic selection. continuing thread...

PanicStreams.com: Lots and lots of bands. Good stuff.

Guitars101 mp3 bootleg forum: Many genres, excellent selection.

mega.co.nz cloud: GD & Ratdog. Some FLAC files as well.

Ousterhout.net: GD, Rolling Stones, YMSB, and many more. Both MP3 and FLAC available.

JerryRadio.com: Lots of JGB & Grateful Dead.

NYCTaper.com: Various bands. FLAC available for most, as well as MP3

Argonaut's Mediafire Folder: All the GD50 Shows.

Midnight Cafe Blog: Various bands including GD. FLAC and MP3.

Jambase Mediafire Thread: Hundreds of pages of mediafire links of different bands.

Jam SBDS: Jamband Soundboards.

DeadLegs.com: Grateful Dead.

Phish Spreadsheet: The MOTHERLODE of Phish shows!

ShareFreeMusic: Mostly Phish. Also JGB, & other bands(hosted on sendspace)

Zappanalate Blog: Zappa

Dakini mp3s:  Dakini mp3's


With the exception of our Brent compilation, we are no longer hosting Grateful Dead mp3's for download.
Keep in mind that mp3 files are not lossless,
and are taboo for many serious traders.

If copying to cdr/dvdr, whenever possible burn them as mp3 data, not audio.
If you must rip to cda or wav, please do not pollute the trading chain.

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